File Specifications

When supplying your artwork please send us an email with 

  • A description of your order, including
    • Final sizes of the prints
    • List of Pantone Colours
    • Finishing instructions
    • The artwork print file (or a download link or notification you have sent the files by another method)
  • It would also be helpful if you include a visual as a JPEG or screenshot so we can check the files are not corrupted


How to send us your files

  • Email to sales if files are under 10MB in size
  • Send them using which is a free online service for sending large files. You upload your files to wetransfer and we will receive an email with a download link, You must send us a separate email telling us you have sent the files via wetransfer with your order details


Specifications for supplying artwork

  • Colour: CMYK or RGB 
  • Bleed: 20-25mm bleed 
  • Format: Generally a  print-ready PDF file is preferred, However there is no harm in including the origional artwork files in case we need to make changes
    • PDF (PDF X4 preset if ideal as preserves transparency)
    • Adobe Illustrator (ensure all fonts are pathed/outlined, Expand all fills and stokes, images are embedded or provided with the file)
    • Indesign (ensure all fonts are pathed/outlined, images are embedded or provided with the file)
    • Image formats (PSD, JPEG, TIFF, PNG) Ensure that the resolution is high enough for the print size
  • Spot Colours: Include pantone colours in your artwork
  • Tiling: Do not tile the artwork or provide in parts, provide the artwork as a single large print and we will tile the artwork. 
  • Image Resolution:
    • 300dpi for A1 or smaller
    • 100-150dpi for large prints seen from 1-3 meters away
    • 50-100dpi for banners and billboards seen from 5+ meters away
    • 20-30dpi would be sufficient for a large billboard seen from a car driving past
    • 1dpi - Anything seen from an aircraft at 1000 feet or more.
  • Images and artwork scale: whatever scale you use, the goal is for images to be at the correct size, so make sure your settings account for the difference in scale, i.e if you wanted the image to print at 150dpi at full size, in a 10% scale document, the image would need to be 1500dpi !.
    • 10% size with images at 1000-1500dpi
      Make sure you change PDF settings to turn off PDF downsampling and change transparency flattener presets resolution, otherwise your images will be converted to 300dpi at 10%, which will be 30dpi at full size
    • 50% size with images at 200-300dpi (=100-150dpi at full size)
    • 100% size with images at 100-150dpi+



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