The Design Process

We know the first time you get something design, it can be overwhelming so here’s a breakdown of the Imagine That process.

How we work together

Our job is to create design pieces which represent your business and your ideas, while at the same time creating something which is effective for your customers and marketplace. To achieve this we believe in communicating with you, at every possible step of the design process.

Often we hear complaints about other agencies who seem to impose their own agendas on the clients. Forcing their clients to tow the agency’s line. We don’t work like that. We don’t want to force our design ideas on you. We want to create the right solution for you and in doing so, use

a collaborative approach. We always actively seek your feedback, and our design process allows for ample opportunity for us to share ideas and communicate. This is how we work with you:

1. Get the brief from you

When you first contact us for your design job, you will asked to provide as much background material as possible - your ideas, any content or images you want to use. It’s also very helpful for you to provide samples of previous design work or marketing collateral you have.

We will also ask you:

  • Your target market
  • The main message you want to convey
  • How the design piece is to be distributed
  • Its overall purpose
  • The types of print medium you want to use (fabric, vinyl or paper stock)

The more we learn about your goals while we formalise your design brief, the clearer target we have to aim for and you’ll receive a better end result.

2. Research

After we have gathered all your materials and solidified your brief, we then get into understanding your marketplace. We look at current marketing and industry trends relevant to your design job. We may also look at your competitors marketing and design in the marketplace and we will ask you for more industry information, if needed.

3. Create Concepts

Once we have a clear understanding of your marketplace, we then move forward to creating your initial concepts. As a guideline you should expect to receive 2 - 3 concepts for design work which only requires laying out images and content such as A4/DLE tri-fold brochures. For design work which requires more creative input such as logos or branding you should expect to receive as many as 6 initial concepts.

4. Present the concepts and gather feedback from the client

Your initial concepts will be sent by email to you for feedback. However, if your design job is a significant branding operation, a personal presentation maybe required. During this feedback process, honesty is the best policy. This is your chance to give your opinion and make sure we are on the right track. We want to ensure you get what you want.

5. Explore and push further the concepts that work best

Now it’s time for us to implement your feedback and the opportunity is also available here to enhance the initial concepts or even implement new ideas which have been uncovered through your feedback.

6. Get more feedback from you

It’s your chance again to provide feedback on the enhancements of the initial concepts. Again you will receive the concepts by email or if necessary in person.

7. Refine and finalise the design

Your design is now in the final process of design refinement. This is our last opportunity to tweak, refine and make final improvements. At this stage we also make your design print ready for the different printing processes you choose to use e.g. paper, fabric or vinyl.

8. Present final design to the client

Now your final design is ready. It will be sent to you for your final sign off approval, and this is usually completed by email. However, if appropriate you will also receive a printed sample proof e.g if you are getting a ????? printed.

9. Sign Off to Production

Once we’ve received your confirmed sign off your final proof, your design is then handed to our in-house production to produce and deliver your items. This is final step of your design job. We supply your design files via email to you. You will receive pdf and adobe illustrator files, as well as jpeg files. Jpeg files are very convenient as you can drop them into word documents.

Our design process is simple, straight forward and more importantly hinges on both of us communicating well with each other.

If you have any questions any other questions about our design process, please contact us.

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