These designs have been created to go with the standard branding issued by the New Zealand Government.

Choose from the designs below or we can customise the design with your branding and messages

CODE: Covid-015

Stay Home If You Are Sick

CODE: Covid-016

Wait Only One Customer at a Time

CODE: Covid-017

Practice Social Distancing

CODE: Covid-018

Wash and Dry Hands

CODE: Covid-019

Hand Shake Free Zone

CODE: Covid-020

Please use Hand Sanitiser

CODE: Covid-021

All Visitors Must Sign in Phone

CODE: Covid-022

All Visitors Must Sign in Pen

CODE: Covid-023

All Visitors Must Sign in Phone and Pen

CODE: Covid-024

Face Masks Required

CODE: Covid-025

Generic Custom

CODE: Covid-026

PPE Required in This Area

CODE: Covid-027

Seating Area Closed

CODE: Covid-028

We are Open

CODE: Covid-029

Sorry We Are Closed

CODE: Covid-030

We are Open for Takeaway

CODE: Covid-031

Safety Rules

CODE: Covid-032

Protect Yourself and Others

CODE: Covid-033

Staff Only

CODE: Covid-034

Washing and Drying your hands

CODE: Covid-035

Stop Do Not Enter if Unwell

CODE: Covid-036

STOP This Area is Closed

CODE: Covid-037

Stay Behind this Shield

CODE: Covid-038

One Way Please Follow the Arrows

CODE: Covid-128

Washing and Drying - Soap and Bin

CODE: Covid-130

All workers must be inducted

CODE: Covid-131

Please clean after use

CODE: Covid-132

Washing and Drying Hands kills the virus

CODE: Covid-133

High Contact Area

CODE: Covid-134

Keep 1m Apart at all times

CODE: Covid-135

Please stay in your area

CODE: Covid-136

Safety Notice

CODE: Covid-137

STOP This entrance is closed

CODE: Covid-138

Delivery Area

CODE: Covid-139



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