Covid19 Designs - Impact

These designers have been created for high impact when visibility is important.

Choose from the designs below or we can customise the design with your branding and messages

CODE: Stripes-063

Stay At Home

CODE: Stripes-064

Wait Only One Customer at a Time

CODE: Stripes-065

Social Distancing

CODE: Stripes-066

Wash and Dry Hands

CODE: Stripes-067

Hand Shake Free Zone

CODE: Stripes-068

Please use Hand Sanitiser Provided

CODE: Stripes-069

All Visitors Must Sign in Phone

CODE: Stripes-070

All Visitors Must Sign in Pen

CODE: Stripes-071

All Visitors Must Sign in Pen and Phone

CODE: Stripes-072

Face Masks Must Be Worn

CODE: Stripes-073


CODE: Stripes-074

PPE Required in This Area

CODE: Stripes-075

Seating Area Closed

CODE: Stripes-076

Yes We are Open

CODE: Stripes-077

We are Open For Takeaways

CODE: Stripes-078

Protect Yourself and Others

CODE: Stripes-079

STOP Before you enter

CODE: Stripes-080

Staff Only

CODE: Stripes-081

Do Not Enter If you are Unwell

CODE: Stripes-082

This Area Is Closed

CODE: Stripes-083

Stay Behind This Sheild

CODE: Stripes-084

One Way Aisles

CODE: Stripes-085

Sorry We are Closed

CODE: Stripes-105

Wait Here Until Served

CODE: Stripes-106

Washing your Hands Kills the Virus

CODE: Stripes-150

All workers must be inducted

CODE: Stripes-151

Please clean after use

CODE: Stripes-152

Washing and Drying Hands kills the virus

CODE: Stripes-153

High Contact Area

CODE: Stripes-154

Keep 1m Apart at all times

CODE: Stripes-155

Please stay in your area

CODE: Stripes-156

Safety Notice

CODE: Stripes-157

This entrance is closed

CODE: Stripes-158

Delivery Area

CODE: Stripes-159



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