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Copywriting Creates Your Own Mini Sales Army

Would you hire sales people who whimpered around and minced about instead of directly closing a sale? No way, you wouldn’t put up with that for a moment.

You’d hire people who have energy, pizazz and the confidence to point blank ask for the sale and fill in the order form. You expect them to bring you results because that’s what you’re paying them for. Anything less is unacceptable.

When it comes to your marketing collateral - do you have the same level of expectation? Do you expect and demand your collateral to close sales for you?

At a guess we’d would say, you don’t have quite the same level of expectation from your printed materials as you would have for your sales people. Most business owners don’t. They view their marketing material as pieces of paper. Bits of paper to enhance their brand, add a bit of credibility to their business, and to help a little bit with sales.

They don’t expect much more because they don’t see the true value of their marketing collateral as sales material.

With sales based copywriting you can transform your everyday marketing collateral into an active sales force. Hundreds of pieces of paper out there in the marketplace asking for sales on your behalf.

You see, standard marketing collateral merely discloses basic business information - what you sell, your location and your contact details. They don’t actually ask the reader to buy something. Now, if you can imagine hundreds of people reading your material every month, and not one of them was asked to buy anything...think of how much money you’ve just missed out on.

It’s like sending out your sales people everyday to chit chat with your prospective customers about your new products. They get your prospective customers interested about your new features and then leave - without asking for an order. That’s hundreds of man hours lost (you’re paying for) and sales you’re not getting.

You’ve spent the time and effort in getting the design for your marketing collateral created, so don’t drop the ball halfway through. Make it earn you money with giving it the right ‘feel’ with the right words. Use our copywriting service to transform every piece of your marketing collateral into a sales person.

If it’s a promotional flyer - hit hard and be direct. Demand the reader buys, give them the details and instruct them to act now

If it’s a brochure - be smooth. Educate the reader about your products or services, how it will help them and then slip in an attractive offer to try a sample.

Your marketing collateral is your sales force, which you can deploy whenever you want. Arm them with the right words and you’ll be maximizing your return on investment.

Even if you’re a small business, you can take advantage of this concept by simply working to your budget. Imagine, if you have 300 or even 50 promotion flyers with hard hitting sales copy - that’s 300 or 50 individual sales people working on your behalf. You have multiplied your ability to make money, with minimal investment.

So, next time you look at your pile of marketing collateral - every piece of paper represents a sales person in disguise. A sales person, you can send out to work whenever you wanted, and who doesn’t get paid wages - all you need is good sales based copy on it. Contact us to turn your next design job into a sales army.


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